Westfield Pool FAQ's

How do I find information on the website?

Check site map at http://www.westfieldpool.org


Why are the wristbands used?

Drownings happen quickly and quietly even when lifeguards and parents are present. To prevent drownings, it is imperative that parents and guardians actively watch their children in and around water, even when lifeguards are on duty. Splash Pool Services and Westfield are pleased to announce a new strategy to prevent drowning. All “non-swimmers” will be required to wear wristbands indicating that they must have a guardian within one arms reach. Wristbands are a great visual aid indicating swimming ability. They quickly and easily help lifeguards and bystanders identify which swimmers require close supervision. All swimmers under the age of 10 must swim one length of the pool safely in order to swim without a wristband. That age was determined since it’s the cut off for swimming unsupervised at Westfield. If they cannot pass the swim test they must wear a wristband and be actively supervised by a guardian who is within one arms reach of them in the water. Guardians must be at least 14 years old. Swimming ability will be noted in the membership database and non-swimmer wristbands will be given to those who need them each time they enter the facility. Swimmers may retake the swim test throughout the summer to prove their ability to stay safe on their own. The full policy will be available at the pool. Feel free to contact Splash or discuss any questions or concerns with the pool manager. Although our lifeguards are provided to assist you with supervising your swimmers, please remember that you are ultimately responsible for the safety of your family and your guests. There is no substitute for your ACTIVE SUPERVISION!

When and where are Board meetings held?

Meetings are tentatively held the 2nd Tuesday of the month at Westfield Pool at 5:30 pm with the understanding that the date, time, and place may change.  Please contact Click here to email secretary to confirm meeting information.  If a member has a specific topic they would like to discuss, please contact the Secretary to add the topic to the Board agenda.


How to I obtain a copy of the Annual Meeting and/or Board of Director Minutes?

Members can contact the Secretary at Click here to email secretary to receive a copy of the approved minutes via email (or hard copy if necessary).


How is a committee formed?

Any Premier Lifetime Member wishing to form a committee must contact the President at Click here to email the President. The President will work with the Secretary to have the topic added to an upcoming Board meeting agenda.  One-week prior to the meeting, the member must submit their subcommittee proposal to the Secretary. The Secretary will distribute the proposal to all of the Board members.


While the pool is open, who should members contact regarding any problems or concerns they may have?

Members should contact the lifeguard on duty.


Is outside food or alcohol allowed on premises?

Refer to the Policies section of the web site (http://www.westfieldpool.org/policies.html


Who do I contact regarding pool clubhouse rental?

Please direct all rental questions to Amy with Splash Pool Services amy@splashpoolservices.com .
During the off-season the clubhouse is not available for use after the season has ended.

How do I join the swim team?

Go to website and select “Don't forget to ask about our swim team” bullet or go to http://www.westfieldpool.org/waves.


How do I buy/sell a lifetime premiere membership?

During the season, buy/sell contact information can be written on a 3x5 card and posted on the pool hallway bulletin board. Example: Membership For Sale, Contact: John/Jane Doe at 555-555-5555.


How old does a child need to be before s/he is allowed at the pool facility unaccompanied by an adult? 

Children must be 10 years old to swim without adult supervision.  However, children must have adult contact information available in the event of inclement weather or inappropriate behavior.


How old does a babysitter need to be to watch my child?

A babysitter is considered your child’s primary caretaker at the facility.  S/he must be old enough to assume full responsibility of your child's care as well as be able to make safe decisions.  If they are not doing their job, you will be asked to remove their name from your family list.  Please remind your babysitter that they are only allowed at the pool while watching your child.  The lifeguards are there to ensure safety at the pool, not to baby sit.


What is the Profanity Discipline Policy?

Members should contact a lifeguard on duty. The Board has a zero tolerance expectation.


Can I return to the pool on the sameCan I return to the pool on the same day with my guest WITHOUT using another guest pass?

Yes. A guest pass is good for an entire day. The guest will be given a wrist band when they initially check in. The band must be still on when they come back into the facility. Another pass will be required if the band has been removed.

Please remember that you must be present in order for your guest to stay on pool grounds. If you leave so must your guest(s).