Lifetime payments can now be taken online
No cash or checks or membership forms will be accepted at the pool
Checks should be mailed to Westfield Pool

2019 Membership Special *
Apply your 2017 or 2018 Family Summer Membership dues towards a Westfield Pool Premier Lifetime Membership - a $475.00 value!
  • Join by May 15, 2019 and receive an additional $100 early bird discount
  • Here is the detailed breakdown -
  • Premier Lifetime Membership - $2500
  • minus $475 credit from having a past Summer Membership
  • minus $100 early bird special
  • Equals $1925 until May 15th, $2025 after May 15th!!!!

  • *Limited to the first 40 families, One-time payment only.

Join today
Westfield Pool is now offering a variety of summer memberships: family, limited, single student and senior options. A limited number of lifetime memberships are also still available.

Midseason Summer family memberships will be available after July 15th for a fixed fee of $325 and will not be prorated. Partial memberships before July 15th are not available.
Membership Lifetime# Summer*
Type: Lifetime Family Limited Student Senior
Member Status: Family**, Same Household, Dependent Children 22 years or younger Family** , Same Household, Dependent Children 22 years or younger Couple, Same Household, 18 years or older Student, Student ID, 10 years or older Senior, 65 years or older
Duration: Lifetime 2019 Only 2019 Only 2019 Only 2019 Only
Total Cost: $2,500 $475 $225 $220 $100
Transferable: Yes
Guest Passes: 20
(1 Family)
10 5 0 0
Additional Guest Passes: $20
(5 punches)
(5 punches)
(5 punches)
(5 punches)
(5 punches)

#The current annual assessment for Lifetime members is $285 / year.

*A limited number of summer memberships will be available this season. Summer membership options will be reviewed on a yearly basis.

**A family consists of head(s) of household, limited to two persons, and their dependent children who are 22 years or younger, dependent on the head of household for financial support. All dependents and heads of household must be living at the same residence.

Please note: Everyone will be able to purchase a 5-punch guest passes for $20.00. All guest passes expire at the end of the season.

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